Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekend wrap up's catch up time! These pics are from 2 weeks ago actually, I know they've been sitting in my drafts for awhile I just haven't got around to writing anything and clicking that little publish button.
We had a nice blast of warm air roll in for a Saturday and we took full advantage, you can see Guido enjoying the sunshine on the deck.
We headed to the park for a nice walk around the pond, you can still see the ice has not melted but the sun was shining and the wind was not too bad.

Later on Saturday night we headed out to Pompilios, to celebrate my hub's birthday and our upcoming anniversary. Pompilios is a little wonder tucked away in Newport, Ky and usually it's fantastic but that night was not a good night for them. The weather had warmed up for the first time in a long time so it drew out people go dining and Pompilios was one of the hot spots, they had a two hour wait and they do not except reservations, they should work on that it may improve operations. We waited and waited and finally got a table, I think that the kitchen was a little rushed that night because I'm usually very happy with my meal at Pompilios but not this time, the pancetta in my pasta was very thick and I'm not sure if it was under or over cooked or re-cooked but it was big, chunky, and terribly chewy, I was very disappointed.

Sunday the temperature dropped back down and reminded us that it was still winter for awhile longer, we cuddled up inside and lit some candles. The weather was not pretty at all so we stuck around the house for most of the day, but I did somehow talk the hub's into grilling me a burger!
He got a new grill, I guess you could call it his birthday present. The grill was awesome and the burgers turned out perfect and hit the spot on a cold and nasty day.
Later on...out of boredom I decided to give meringue cookies a try, I've always heard they were so difficult to make.
The meringue cookies are not difficult to make, quite easy actually, but they take forever to cook. They bake at a low temperature for 45 minutes and then you turn the oven off and let them sit in there and cool for at least one hour, but be aware that letting them cool too long you will end up with meringue cookies that crumble in to a million little bitty pieces.
I would definitely make them again, possibly for the upcoming St. Patrick's day with green sprinkles, hmmmmm that's an idea.

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