Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Operation restoration-Subaru 1985 Brat

So I decided that with this new Iphone 5S that I just got that I would have a nice photo shoot out in the garage with one of my husband's toys. You probably know from other posts that my husband loves his Subarus and of course that's what he would choose for his project car.
He did some serious searching for this baby, she's a 1985 Subaru Brat, and she's miraculous!
I love the Brat, possibly for it's starring role in the show "My Name is Earl" or for the awesome seats in the back, it could also be because it's part car part truck and very strong for being such a tiny little thing.
Guido loves her too, he likes to sit up in the front  for now but when she's fully restored he'll be riding in the back.
My husband is slowly working on the Brat right now mainly because it's his busy time of the year for traveling and the weather is freezing. Once the weather warms up we'll be peeling away the plasti-dip and cleaning her up and working on restoring her back to her 1985 glory.
Yes I said we, I will help and learn some things like how to change a tire, brake pads, oil stuff like that but what I'm excited for is the painting and the exterior part...let's get real I am a girl and my main appreciation of cars is that they look pretty and they go fast, what more do you want.

She is in pieces right now, remember that when you look at these pictures.
Before something can be restored you typically have to strip it down to it's basic structure and work it back up from there.
This baby is from 1985, you can imagine the things that have been done to her in the past 29 years.
It's going to take a lot of work and elbow grease but it's going to be worth it.
It's cool that it's an old car, that is very rare in the area where we live.
I'm excited to get this plasti-dip stripped off and get started on the cleaning, since that's the biggest part I get to help with of course.
My husband does love teaching me things so I'll let him go through a few pieces of information, but I'm telling you there is only so much my brain can retain about cars.
The important thing I know is that this car is going to be gorgeous when she's fully restored, I've already had dreams about riding down a winding country road sitting in the back of the car with Guido next to me...while hubs is driving of course.
Stay tuned...

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