Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

I have a bit of Irish in me, don't we all on St. Patrick's day, I like to celebrate and get in the green spirit with trying to cook up creative green food. Regular old green sugar cookies, donuts, and cupcakes weren't going to cut it since I've been trying to eat more natural and learned that adding food coloring to your food is like adding chemicals and processed ingredients into your food. So I did some digging around on the internet and found an interesting recipe for Green Muffins, courtesy of http://pamelasalzman.com/. The green muffins were colored with spinach instead of food coloring and from the pictures on the website I decided to give the recipe a try.
You can get the basic recipe on Pamela's website here http://pamelasalzman.com/green-muffins-recipe-perfect-st-patricks-day/.

I did a few things different-I left out the oil and added an extra banana-total of 3 bananas and I added a handful of so of blueberries to the batter. I also used half the amount of spinach listed in the recipe and they were a lighter shade of green than the originals, which may have something to do with why you can't taste the spinach, I'm not sure so I can't comment on that.
You mix all your dry ingredients together and blend all the wet ones together, Pamela folded in the mashed banana at the end but I just added it to the wet ingredients in the blender and it worked fine.
These turned out great, I may be adding spinach to baked goods more often! My husband was a little hesitant to try them, we were both very curious.
In the end they were a great St. Patrick's day breakfast and a great way to pack in some extra fruits and veggies. I strongly suggest hopping over to Pamela's site for this recipe, it was made with wheat flour and there are no added fats or sugars, that's if you omit the oil like I did, you are using Maple syrup instead of refined sugar and I promise it doesn't taste like a spinach pancake, it will taste like a blueberry banana muffin. I'm excited to experiment with this recipe maybe adding chocolate chips or a glazed icing on top...hmmm my wheels are spinning.
Of course I got festive with my attire for the day, I celebrated with some green fingertips and leprechaun socks!
Hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick's day!

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