Friday, February 7, 2014

Stir fried pork and snow peas

I love me some chinese food, problem is, it's typically fried in who knows what and contains some questionable cuts of meat, to be honest if I go out for chinese I tend to pick vegetarian options to be safe.
Making stirfry at home is pretty simple you can use whatever veggies and meats you want, for this one I had some pork chops thawed and a container of snow peas sitting around in the fridge.
You should trip the meat and slice it in thin strips
I made a sauce of chopped garlic, ginger, and soy sauce
I blanched the snow peas in some boiling salted water for a few minutes
And tossed the pork around in a skillet with some oil until almost cooked then added the soy sauce, once the meat was cooked I tossed the snow peas in the mix.
Instead of the usual rice we went with pearl couscous, one of my new favorite grains! If you haven't tried couscous I say go for it, it has a pasta flavor and texture and is very versatile. 
Any questions on the recipes please ask in the comments.
Thanks and Enjoy!

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