Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rancid at Bogart's

A few weeks ago we had a date night to go and see one of my husband's favorite bands, one he's been wanting to see live since he was a teenager. Go figure a band he's been listening to for years he finally gets to see them in the US, obviously this has been his favorite US concert he's seen. 
We started the evening with dinner at a Clifton, Ohio hot spot, Mio's Pizza. They have this awesome Chicago style pizza, which means it's stuffed full of the toppings instead of just tossing them on top.
See how thick the pizza is, it's stuffed full of pepperoni and cheese and the sauce is then poured on top and then baked. 
It was a great pre-concert meal!

Bogart's is an older concert venue in the heart of Clifton, Ohio or the college town for the University of Cincinnati. That is why there are such fantastic restaurants and bars in the area, it's a college student heaven.
I of course needed a souvenir of the show, I got this awesome ladies v-neck Rancid t-shirt that slipped on nicely of the tank top I was wearing. You'd think I had planned that, haha.
The draft beer was flowing nicely!

And the show was packed!
Before Rancid hit the stage there were a few opening acts, on in particular was Tim Timebomb and Friends, Tim also plays with Rancid, I imagine by the end of the night Tim was extremely exhausted after performing with two bands but he put on a great show.
It was an incredible concert, one of the best I have seen at Bogart's. Bogart's has improved over the years, I have been going to concerts there for a long time and it used to have terrible lighting and ventilation, now that it's a non-smoking venue and it has been updated a bit the concerts are much more enjoyable. 
If you ever get a chance to see Rancid, I highly recommend it, they put on an excellent show, the music is up-beat and keeps you moving for the whole performance. They have moved up a few notches in my book after seeing them perform live. 

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