Saturday, October 26, 2013

Memphis Weekend!

Here is the first post about my weekend in Memphis, TN. I went with my mom, aunt, and cousins, we had a girls road trip! A nice long drive from Northern Kentucky down to Memphis but well worth the trip.
The first day after we arrived we loaded on a bus and headed off to tour Memphis and Graceland, home of Elvis. The morning half of the tour was mainly spent on a bus so I didn't snap any photos of that, however it was an incredible tour, the guides were very interactive and funny, it was the Memphis best tours.
I don't want to give you too much about Graceland because it was well worth the trip so I hope that one day you can make it there too.
The house is still owned by Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie, she owns the house, the grounds, and all the furnishings. These are the original furnishings, Elvis once sat on this couch in this living room.

This was the bedroom of Elvis' parents that also lived in the house. Elvis' room and Lisa Marie's along with who knows what else is located upstairs which is still closed off to the public. Lisa Marie is keeping that area private because her father spent so much of his time up there. I would imagine it also could have something to do with the rumor of him dying on the toilet of his master bathroom, I would want to keep that private too if I was the family.

Above is the dining room, can you imagine the meals shared at this table with the King himself?!
I love this picture of Priscilla and Lisa Marie, both very beautiful women. I think Priscilla was an admirable woman, trying to manage a family like this.
The kitchen, can you imagine how many grilled peanut butter banana sandwiches were made on that stove!
The TV room, down in the basement. Love this couch, the mirrored ceiling, and the three small TVs in the wall, obviously this was before big screens were popular.

The pool room, check out that ceiling, the whole room is the same material, if you look close even the sofas match!
The world famous Jungle room, Lisa Marie says this was her favorite room, and that chair with bear was her favorite chair.
Do you have a favorite room in the house? 

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