Friday, August 23, 2013


I know that most ladies in the world know about Sephora, unless you live in a cave, but do you know the perks of ordering your products from Sephora online?!?! First I should say, to the get the best perks you need to become a "beauty insider" you can sign up on Sephora's website or in a store, and after some purchases you become a "VIP Beauty Insider". The perks of being a "beauty insider", are free 3-day shipping on all orders of $50 or more and some special insider bonus gifts that come along with your shipment. 
I know it can be difficult to order beauty products online, it's difficult to judge the shade or color of a product on a computer screen along with the scent and feel, to name just a few problems. Well I have a few beauty staples that I tend to re-stock every so often, I know my brands and colors so it's easy just to order these online and not have to make a special trip to the store. 

Nars pressed powder and Clean perfume sample pack
 I've been wearing Nars pressed powder for quite awhile, my shade is Mountain (how my skin compares to that of a mountain, I do not understand), since I know my shade and I know this product works great for me I like to order it online. Sometimes you run in to the problem of not needing enough items to get that free 3-day shipping so I tossed in this sample box of Clean perfumes, I know I love all these scents so it won't go to waste. The clean perfumes are great, most of them smell like you just stepped out of refreshing shower the others smell like warm laundry, how can you go wrong.
Free Samples: Smashbox primer, Marc Jacobs Eyeliner, Gentlemen Only by Givenchy, Honey by Marc Jacobs, Agave hair oil, Bumble & Bumble shampoo and conditioner
 Now here are the big perks of ordering online instead of going to the store to purchase your beauty goodies...the free samples! I know that occasionally the stores offer free samples but it's rare that you walk out of the store will all these samples I received with my order. When you order online you always get a choice of three free samples, on top of that, as a beauty insider you can get a promo code by  looking at the beauty insider specials. I used the promo to get that little green bottle of Smashbox Primer, I have been wanting to try a primer for awhile and now I get to for free! By the way, I can say I am liking this so far, I have only used it for two days so far and tomorrow will be the real test spending the day outside in the heat and humidity at a German Beer Festival, don't worry there will be a post about that later.
sample of Marc Jacobs eyeliner
Also, as a beauty insider you collect points, typically one point per dollar you spend. There are 100 point rewards and 500 point rewards, you may think 500 points, I'll never get there but if you shop at Sephora you know you easily spend $50 each time, and it adds up fast. I try and save them for a good 500 point reward but this time I couldn't resist cashing in 100 of my points for this little Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner, from the new Marc Jacobs make-up line. Normally I'm an Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner devotee but this stuff is pretty fabulous. I am one of those that likes to put eyeliner only on my inner lower rim (waterline) and this stuff went on smoothly without any smears, and by the end of the working day it was still in place! The price is comparable to that of the Urban Decay so when it comes time for a refill I'll probably pick whichever is in-stock and available (I have a feeling that this Marc Jacobs make-up is going to be a fast seller).

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