Friday, August 30, 2013

Cars and Coffee...

Saturday mornings my husband goes to a little coffee shop off of Columbia Parkway called Fuel, notice the lovely coffee cup below. Fuel hosts a little gathering on Saturday mornings called "Cars & Coffee" otherwise known as C&C. There are lots of beautiful rides to drool over, delicious coffees to drink, and great people to chat with. 

This past C&C was special, Lexus Rivercenter showed up with three new beauties. Above in the yellow jacket is the new Lexus LFA Nurburgring edition, there in the white sports coat looking super sexy is another LFA, and showing off in an elegant black tuxedo is the new Lexus IS 350. These cars are a bit out of my price range, at least for now, but they are lots of fun to drool over. It's a tough decision but I think I'm going with the one in the white sports coat, oh the things we could do together, if I was given the chance I would give that white beauty the time of it's life, haha!

There are of course other beautiful gems to look at and daydream about driving down an open highway and having the wind in your hair as you listen to the engine purrrr!

You also get a chance to check out the mods that some of the drivers do to their cars, this one above caught my attention, hello skulls under your hood!
This little lady in red is another one that is dear to my heart, the lovely Lotus. Just look at her, how can you not want to give her all of your heart and take care of her for the rest of her life.
And that behind! There are not words to express the beauty she shows off when she turns around, cars should not be allowed to be that sexy!

These last two are little treats for me. I have a thing for Vespas, some say it's because I married an Italian, I say it's because they are freakin cute! And below, the VW Truck, this comes equipped with a surf board (okay not really) and looks super fun, makes you want to hop in and drive to a beach!

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