Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dave & Busters

I had some Italian guests in town a week or so ago, we decided to entertain them with a trip to good old Dave & Busters! How can you not have fun at D & B they have something for everyone, there are regular pool tables, however I don't spend my time in that area, I like all the racing games I can get my hands on. The prices are not terrible, I know a lot of people say they won't go to a place like this because of the cost. My husband and I each got a $10 game card, dinner (he had grilled shrimp and chicken; I had grilled chicken and veggies) was around $12-$13 each, then we had two large delicious margaritas each and they were around $5 a piece, total spent around $65-75, I think that's a pretty good price for the hours of entertainment. I will tell you the food is nothing special, it's a bit like Applebees, they have a bit of everything, the prices and quality are also similar. Do not go there expecting a gourmet dinner, you won't get it. I suggest you just grab a burger and fries and then hit the games! 
The lighting inside is dim so you are illuminated by the neon glow of all the games! Above is a Dance Dance Revolution type of game, if you remember those, and a friend of mine demonstrating for everyone. 
This game above is one of my favorites, and these are my friends enjoying it. It is a snow mobile game and you race to the finish but you also have this awesome attack button you can use to kick and punch the other snow mobilers, it's beautiful! 
The Italians that were visiting, Luca and Chiara, they had no idea coming to visit us in Cincinnati that they would get the chance to race a Nascar.
I also got to drive a Ferrari, not my favorite racing game but it was good all the same. I apparently have a hidden need for speed, either that or I like them because they are less complicated than some other games. 
My hubs likes the games that take a bit more thought process and coordination, like this pilot game, this is one of his favorites. Every time we go to D & B he has to play it several times, I have to admit he has gotten much better, although I still don't think I would trust him to fly me in a plane, haha.
And of course there are plenty of games that involve shooting at bad guys, monsters, zombies, etc. I like these games too but feel that the target is always a bit off so these can be a waste of my game credits when I could be racing a semi truck, driving a Harley, or racing a dune buggy on mountains of sand. Yes, I still have quite the immagination.
D & B is a great place to entertain people of all ages. You do not have to play games or even go near that area, you can enjoy dinner and drinks in the sport lounge that has a ridiculous amount of big screen TVs that cover every sporting event happening at that given time. There are pool tables you can use however I've never spent any time with those, I tend to sit in the game area and have some cocktails or beers, a quick bite, and then it's off to video games. The website for more info on the locations, hours, etc...

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  1. It's always a fun time there! Hope your guests had fun!