Friday, July 12, 2013

Visit to the Carew Tower

On one of our outings during our stay-cation we headed to the Carew Tower, the tallest building in downtown Cincinnati, at least it was until they built a new one last year. 
Small old elevators take you up to the 45th floor, from there you ride up a freight elevator to the 48th floor, and then you have steps up to the 50th floor, viewing level!

 It was a wet day, a hat was necessary accessory!
 So this is what my city looks like from the 50th floor!

 The building with the crown on top is the new tallest building in Cincinnati.
 I know the water is not too pretty but like I said it had been raining for about 2 weeks straight causing some seriously muddy water, or if you want to imagine that it's full of chocolate go for it!
 After taking in our view from the top of the Carew Tower we headed to the historical part of Covington to walk along the river.
The picture above is the Cincinnati Red's stadium as viewed from Covington, Kentucky.
An old riverboat that used to be a restaurant but has been closed for some time now.
Playing with the geese!
And below the little American girl with her Italian family!

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