Friday, July 12, 2013

The Italians are coming...

As I was saying before, my in-laws from Italy came to spend a few days here with us to see just how my hubs was doing in the US. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law seemed to have really enjoyed their short stay with us and I as well. It was kind of a stay-cation for me, I forgot all the awesome things my city had to offer since I've been here my whole life.
The girls arrived on Thursday in the late afternoon and with the six hour time change there was not a lot of moving and shaking, so we just let them get settled and made a quick pizza and salad for dinner at home. 
The next day we were off shopping! We took the ladies to the best mall in my area and that is Kenwood Town Center. My sister-in-law was in heaven, apparently Abercrombie is crazy expensive in Europe compared to the US, there were a few other things she wanted from the US as well, including new iPhone covers, so we stopped at our fabulous Apple Store!
 While shopping around we passed my favorite furniture store, Restoration Hardware, I say favorite but it's more my favorite place to look at furniture because it's very expensive but it's beautiful,
 This couch was super comfy!
 Here is my dream desk, maybe one day I'll have this airplane wing desk. You may have seen this in the newer episodes of Two and Half Men.
 Saturday morning it was raining, I should add that it rained here for about two weeks straight, it stopped or slowed to an almost stop on this past Monday. -side note we are expecting sunny days for a few in a row and Saturday I get pool time with the bestie-OK back to the story at hand...since it was raining we needed indoor entertainment, that was found at the good 'ol flea Market, Trader's World! I wish I had taken more pictures, one day I will since I go there occasionally to find odds and ends. Here is a pick of me outside sitting on a wet pony, haha.

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