Friday, July 12, 2013

Newport-Cincinnati Purple Bridge

And finally our last adventure, we took the ladies to see the purple bridge, we parked in Newport and walked the bridge over to Cincinnati, and then had a walk along the river, it was a hot so it was a short walk.
The purple bridge was built for walking only, no cars ever go across the bridge. It's very nice, occasionally during the summer months there are small bars and restaurants that set up on the bridge, however this was on a Monday afternoon so there was nothing setup. 
 This is my beautiful sister-in-law taking in the view.

 The whole family, and let's not make fun of the short little American girl, thanks
 Hubs educating the ladies on history of his new city.
 Brother and sister love!

I have no idea what these things are exactly but there were thousands of them and thought they deserved a picture. They didn't seem to cause any problems to people just that there were a lot of them, I had a few on me and there were no bites or marks.
We had to take the girls to get a real American burger! We took them to Five Guys Burger and Fries, they loved it so much that they wanted to go back on Tuesday before flying home to Italy. 
I'm not sure what it is about Five Guys, its my husband's first burger love, and every Italian guest we have had thinks its divine. I will admit they are pretty delicious but it's not what I imagine when I think of a great burger, however if I think of a great fast food burger this would be the place. Five guys does use fresh good ingredients, you see them make the beef patty and throw it on the grill right in front of your eyes, then they build your lovely burger again with you watching and mouth watering, you also are told what farm in Idaho they bought their traditional Idaho potatoes at. They have a very limited menu, burgers and fries, that's it but with a good variety of toppings, I would have to say that if you are looking for a fast good tasting high quality burger then Five Guys is your place.
Okay this picture is just for fun, we took the girls to the Hustler Hollywood store, another place that Cincinnati is famous for, if you haven't heard of it google the story of the owner and creator Larry Flynt. We were doing some shopping near buy and figured we should show the girls what an American sex shop is like, and it was hilarious (as you can see from my picture), I'm very glad we stopped in.

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