Tuesday, July 16, 2013


While my in-laws were in town we did some shopping...I think shopping may have been my sister-in-law's only reason for coming, just joking. I was actually well behaved at all the stores, shocking with my shopaholic visitor. We went to Kenwood Town Center, Cincinnati Premium Outlets, and one quick stop at Tricounty Mall. 

 These awesome Nike Sandals were my outlet purchase...for years I had been using the old school Adidas sandals that were hard plastic and all black with the white lines, I mean like for over 10 years been using the same pair. I finally decided it was time to get some that were a bit more comfortable, and lucky for me I have very tiny feet and I can wear children's shoes, making these awesome sandals only $17!
 At Kenwood Town Center the main stops were Abercrombie and Express, two of my favorite stores, of course I had to get a few things. I picked up this awesome baseball tee from Express, I also picked up two black and white shelf bra cammies but those are basics and do not get a picture, however if you need a tank top with a shelf bra the ones at Express are fabulous and last a long time, if you are like me and could wear those things every day under every top. Ok, back to the cute baseball tee, they only had one other color or I would have bought multiples of this shirt, I love the baseball tees but have problems because my shoulders are broad and these shirts can make me look like a football player but the cut on this shirt was perfect!
 I had bought the Lash Stash at Sephora a few weeks ago and it was time to turn in my certificate and get my full size mascara. I chose the Benefit Bad Gal Lash, this was my favorite of the little lash stash pack, it gives me full long beautiful lashes, I like it better than the They're Real mascara made by benefit.
Last stop was Hollister...there were some huge summer sales going on at all the stores because they will be bringing out the back-to-school fall lines the end of this month. I scored these shorts and cropped light sweat pants for $10 each at Hollister, that is a fabulous deal, normally these are $24 for the shorts and $34 for the pants. Oh I should mention the awesome deal on the pinkish Abercrombie jacket, it was around $15, I'm not positive of the price because my awesome Mother-in-law treated me the family to the Abercrombie shopping. Those zip up hoodies at Abercrombie can run you close to $50 same with the jean shorts, so truth be told if you want good summer deals wait until mid-July.

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