Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Smoothies and Frappes

I scored some awesome finds on my grocery shop this past Sunday. I had eaten terribly all weekend and planned on making some smoothies this week to get my body back on track. Well I found these jamba juice smoothies in the freezer section, you simply pour the package in the blender with a cup of juice and blend it until smooth.                              
                           Razzmatazz Smoothie Kit
Each flavor has a specific juice it recommends however the only juice I had in the fridge at home was a cranberry blend from whole foods, it paired perfectly with the Razzmatazz smoothie, I added a little whipped cream on top to make it pretty and enjoyed the smoothie outside in the sunshine, it was a fantastic lunch break. I would totally recommend these frozen jamba juice smoothie pouches, it says it makes 2 servings I just used a little less juice and fit it all in one class for myself. Today for lunch I plan to try the strawberry banana flavor. 
 The other score I made are these Seattle's Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends! For these babies you pour the pouch of frozen coffee and flavors in the blender with a cup of milk, I use nonfat, and blend until smooth, again I topped with a little whipped cream to make it feel more decadent. I tried the Mocha Madness over the weekend and this Creamy Caramel is fantastic, I will have to pick up some more of these, it's a bit easier than waiting for my espresso to cool so I can make my own and at $2.50 for each bag it's a bit cheaper than a trip to Starbucks.

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