Monday, June 24, 2013


I am supposed to be on a spending detox but I just couldn't pass up Sephora when it was about 20 feet from the Pub where I had lunch on Saturday. I had read about this Dallas blush from Benefit on Rosie's blog, she has one of the best blogs in my opinion. 

I stopped in Sephora and a nice woman with a belt of brushes and sponges came over and applied this beautiful dusty rose blush with it's light shimmer on to my cheeks and I was in love. I had to have it, no question about it.
 As I walked up the counter to make my purchase I noticed this little box of mascaras, the lash stash to go, it caught my curiosity. I asked the woman at the counter and she explained that for $25 you get 5 small sample tubes of their top mascaras and also enclosed is a certificate you bring back to the store after sampling the lot of them and you can get a full size of your favorite one. Not a bad deal, since most of these mascaras run over $25 for a full tube. So far I have tried the bad gal lash by benefit and love it, I might even like it better than the they're real mascara I have been using also made by benefit.

I can't say I'm proud that I went to Sephora since I had a bit of a shopping spree lately I was supposed to be cutting back, but I can say I do not regret walking in there one bit!

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