Monday, June 24, 2013

Little weekend wrap

It was a hot hot hot weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. Saturday was spent soaking up sunshine with my bestie, getting a nice lunch at the Pub, and hitting up Sephora for a quick little visit. Sunday was spent doing the usual, cleaning, grocery shopping, a special trip to Bass Pro Outdoor World for some things we'll be needing on our vacation, and ended the weekend with a delicious grilled dinner.

My morning tea in my awesome Superhero mug!

These are the summer drink special at the Pub in Crestview. It's called Berry Lemonade and it's beyond  delicious. It is lemonade mixed with Absolute Pomegranate Acai berry vodka and topped with some little blueberries. I could have drank a few of these easily but not at $8 each, had to limit myself. I also had just spent a few hours sweating at the pool and needed water!

No make-up day see all the freckles, I know your jealous!
I'm still trying to eat healthy or I would have been enjoying what is on my friends plate, the fish and chips, better believe once I drop a few more pounds I will be getting my hands on some yummy fried fish and tarter sauce!

Sunday dinner! I love grilling up a yummy meal and eating on the deck.

Kebabs and corn on the cob!

New Lambrusco we found at Whole Foods, still sweeter than my husband prefers but to me it was incredible. In Italy the Lambrusco is not quite as sweet as the versions we have here apparently because he is always complaining and he should know since Lambrusco is made in the region he is from. 


  1. Go to a specialty wine store and ask for a Lambrusco SECCO....and you'll get what they actually drink in Emilia and Mantova! :)

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will have to make a trip to search for the Lambrusco secco!