Friday, June 14, 2013

Beach Bag Essentials

pool day

pool day by cbianchi featuring oakley eyewear

I am a self professed sun lizard, I could lay and bake for hours, as long as I have my essentials!
  • I found this new SPF from Australian Gold, it contains bronzers so you can protect your skin and still have a golden color, love it! 
  • Oakley sunnies, these are great, they are polarized which gives you almost HD vision, everything is clearer than in your normal cheap sunnies, I think its worth saving and investing in at least one pair of polarized shades.
  • Fedoras, love these hats, I get excited for summer just to wear them. They are super cute on just about everyone and protect your face and if you color you hair it will make your color last a lot longer in the summer. The sun fades all colors whether you are blonde, red, or brunette, protect those lovely locks. 
  • Peanuts, these are fantastic to keep handy because they require no refrigeration and can bake in the sun and be just as yummy as if they were in your pantry. Peanuts have good fats, protein, and fiber, they are a great snack to rescue your grumbling tummy just watch your portions. 
  • The Land's End large zip top tote, I love this bag! It's the best beach bag out there, it's made for boating so the bottom sits flat and does it's best to not tip over, there is a zipper on the top in case that happens. I love taking lake trips so this bag is really perfect for me, they are canvas and insanely durable, one bag will last you the rest of your life, it's really worth the investment, and actually the price is very good.
  • Iphone speakers, you have to have tunes to listen to when catching some rays. I actually have one from Victoria Secret that was free with a PINK purchase, it's a pink heart that you sit your phone in and there are two little holes on the back, some how the shape of this heart amplifies the sounds of your iphone speakers it's a battery free speaker, it works well enough, you aren't going to have super beats or anything but you can definitely hear the music. 
  • Soft cozy beach towels, make sure they are big! You don't want to dry off and lay on something tiny. Big and fluffy is the way to go, I also like to look for bright colors. 
  • Water...doesn't have to be fiji, although that one is really refreshing. I like Ethos water a lot too, when you are baking in the sun all day or swimming in chlorinated pools or salty oceans, a big bottle of spring water is just super refreshing. Not to mention staying hydrated is important for your skin when you are exposed to heat, salt, and chlorine. 
  • Magazines or books, having reading material helps the time pass and it's good for you brain. It doesn't matter if you are reading "Pride and Prejudice" or the latest issue of Cosmo, any brain activity is better than none.
  • and finally SPF lip product, I really like the EOS brand but any will do. We usually overlook protecting our lips from the sun, its just as important as any other part of your body.
Enjoy your summer pool time!

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