Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday night dog party

For the past few weeks we have been driving up the road a bit to go to the Mason MetroPark. It's a new park, very close to us, most of it is still under construction but for now they have the big dog park open, a lake with a 1.6 mile walking trail, cricket fields, and a few other areas. The lake with the walking trail is fabulous, they even have a pay lake for fishing if you prefer, Guido likes his walks and meeting all kinds of friends on the trail. We take Guido to Wiggly Field dog park first and let him run with his friends and try to release some of his pent up energy before leashing him for a 1.6 mile walk. 

 The german shepherd in this picture was Guido's girlfriend for the night. There are usually only a few girls and Guido latches on to his favorite right away. Guido is a lover thru and thru, even if it's a new girl every week.
 There is so much space for them to run and play together.
 Guido is in between sizes he's not small enough for a small dog and not big enough for a medium size dog...there is a small dog play area but we toss him in with the big ones and let him hold his own.
 The weather was incredible, it was a great Friday night!

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