Monday, June 17, 2013

New Birchbox

Friday night I received my June Birchbox in the mail, I've talked about this before, it's a $10 a month subscription and you get a little box of goodies delivered to your mailbox. You get points for each item you review and those points add up to credits you get to spend in the online store. For me it's a great deal because I am commitment phobic when it comes to beauty products, I'm always wanting to try new things and this is perfect because I get sample sizes instead of buying the large full size product using half of it and switching to the newest one on the market. 
This month's Birchbox was one of my favorites.
I love getting nail polishes and this month every birchbox subscriber received one from the ColorClub new collection. I received London Calling a pistachio green color. Since I shellac my fingers I put this lovely color on my toes and it's beautiful, it's nice and bright perfect for the summer.
In the back row is the Davines 3-Step System, this stuff is fabulous. I have curly frizzy hair that hates humidity. This oil or Absolute beautifying potion was a bit heavy I would need something lighter, but if I use the oil with a less heavy shampoo and conditioner it's perfect.
I received a small jar of Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, I have not actually tried this yet since I spent Saturday at the pool, I don't like to exfoliate off what little color I received from the sun. It's my intent to try this one out today or tomorrow. I can tell you that it smells superb.
Finally Laqa & Co Lil' Lip Duo, I do not recommend this product at all. It is the little lip crayon in the box, it's rather heavy for summer, it bled and ran on my lips. It requires a lot of prep work, such as base and lip liner, I prefer my lips as the lowest maintenance part of my face. This color was too bright and to messy for my taste.
It's bound to happen that one product out of the whole box isn't going to be the best fit for you, I pass these products along to friends that it's a better suit for, or stash them in a big bag in my bathroom closet for guests and I can pick some products and make a nice gift bag for a friend's birthday.

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