Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make yourself happy

make yourself happy

make yourself happy
Sometimes life stresses us out, situations get out of control, emotions run wild, and you just don't know what to do. When this happens it's easy to get caught up in a downward spiral, once you start going down you just continue the path unless you pull yourself out of it. When I feel down and depressed or out of control I have a few things that pick me back up.
#1 the easiest pick me up for any girl, manicure and pedicure, hello pretty nails! Who doesn't want to smile when they look down and see glossy nails, and let alone the process of doing it. Even if you do it at home make it a spa experience, soak your nails or your feet, rub lotion on, pumice away the dry patches, it's so easy to do, and don't worry if it doesn't come out perfect, it's easily removed, so don't stress out trying to perfect the polish. 
#2 another easy pick me up, facials! Run to the drug store pick up a packet of a clay mask (if you don't have one at home), slather the stuff on your face grab a magazine while it penetrates. It's that simple! You could book an appointment at a spa, but for a quick pick me up you can do this at home. Turn on some sweet tunes that make you feel happy and/or relaxed and let the clay carry away the dirt and worries of your day.
#3 call a friend, have dinner with her, meet her for a coffee...just spend time with your girlfriends (and mom counts too) chances are she needs the time with you too so it's a double payoff. No one understands us like our best girlfriends, they are easy to unload all your problems too and you don't feel judged by them. Give her a call, it will feel nice.
#4 Take a walk, this is easier than #1 actually because it's free and you can do it just about anywhere. You do not need anyone to go with you, just pop on some headphones and listen to your favorite tunes and stroll out in the fresh air. Just standing outside breathing in the air can give you an instant pick up! I love going for a hike in the woods but when I don't have time for that a short walk with my pup can make a world of difference in my life. 
#5 this is one of my favorites, do some yoga or any form of exercise. I guess I can't say this is one of my favorites because these are all my favorites, oh well. When I am stressed I love to just lay on the floor and hold a few yoga poses and stretch things out, it releases the stress I carry in my muscles and reminds me to just breathe easy. It helps you let go of things, at least for a little bit while you concentrate on breathing and stretching out your body. Any form of exercise can do this for you it does not have to yoga. 

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