Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Movie review

This weekend I fit two movies in, one good the other not so much. We usually pick two movies every weekend, one picked by the hubs and the other my choice.

 Hubs picked Dark Skies, he likes to scare me sometimes, which I don't mind, I like movies that keep me on the edge of my seat and this one definitely accomplished that. It was a good movie because you don't find out the story behind what is happening to these people right away and you are constantly waiting for something new to happen or should I say go wrong. I was fully enthralled for most of the movie, the beginning was a bit slow because they had to develop the characters and try and make you care about them so when strange things start to happen you of course get worries about what is going to happen to this poor family. I give this one a two thumbs up for being a thriller.

Now my choice, I was looking for a comedy this weekend and I did not find it. I chose Guilt Trip because I expected Seth and Barbara to make me laugh, and there was a little laughter but not as much as I hoped for. Maybe this comedy is made for moms of older children and that is why I did not laugh so much, but it was a slow movie. I found myself getting easily distracted and picking up my iphone and ipad for entertainment while the movie was playing. This one is a definite two thumbs down.

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