Monday, June 3, 2013


What a weekend, Saturday is missing from this post because I haven't uploaded the pics from my camera yet, we had a Subaru Meet on Saturday morning/afternoon, lots of awesome cars and people. Hope to have time to get to those tonight. 

So here is what happened Friday...after work Guido was scheduled to go to the vet for his yearly shots and somehow he managed to rip off the dew claw (the inner claw on the front paw, like a dog thumb). We noticed because he was limping around a bit and would cry if you touched it, but he didn't have as much bleeding as I have heard you can expect when a dog looses a nail. The vet trimmed it down and cleaned it up and then gave him a bandage to wear for two days to keep any infection from getting in there. I was actually amazed by how well he did with the bandage, I expected him to chew it off in the first few hours but then he got used to it and he was sad Sunday night when we removed the bandage, he got used to having it. He has a few more days of antibiotics left and the nail should grow back in after awhile. But doesn't he just look so sad and cute in the picture with his little bandage, I just wanted to cuddle my little baby non-stop. 

 Sunday we made a trip to Lowe's Hardware store and picked up some needed items for the back yard.
Since my basil I planted a few weeks ago from seed won't be edible any time soon we picked up one that was well started so caprese salad is on the menu this week, mmmm with burrata mozzarella.
 We also picked up some Rosemary and just for fun a jalapeno plant. I have never grown peppers before so I can't wait for the first one to show u!
 Had to rearrange some plants on the deck to make room for all the herbs and what we are calling the edibles. The edible plants, herbs, veggies, and fruits all get the big plant stand and the non-edibles got moved to the corner, and the placement looks nice with all the green behind them. 
 My fantastic husband replaced the screen that Guido damaged, it looks great He even managed to somehow get the screen door back on after replacing the mesh screen and it now works better than ever, it glides open and closed with so much ease!
 We picked up a new mat for the deck too, it's gorgeous, way better than the one that was out there before.
 I have decided I need to jump start something because well I have a Vacation in less than 47 days and I want to look good in a bikini. That and I just am not feeling my best lately, and I did the south beach diet about 8 years ago and I remember the effects were fantastic, I had so much more energy because I was being dragged down by sugar spikes in my metabolism. I decided to give the south beach another whirl, so I whipped up some sugar free strawberry jello with strawberries and blueberries mixed in and a bit of truwhip. It's not chocolate ice cream that's for sure, but it does the trick in satisfying the sweet tooth. After two weeks of sugar free jello desserts the chocolate ice cream cravings go away a bit as I remember, so I just have to stick it out.
 Dinner was south beach diet friendly, grilled steaks with sauteed onions and a yummy salad of spring mix with walnuts, feta, cranberries, and balsamic vinaigrette. A delicious dinner.

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