Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dr. Iphone

So a few weeks ago, okay maybe a month or so now, I was playing in the house with Guido. We were playing with one of his rubber ball toys and I was throwing it all over the place, well once throw ended in a bounce into a glass of water sitting on the coffee table, that glass of water tipped over and landed on my hubs iphone, oopps! Well if you have an iphone you know it's not like a lot of other phones, as in the back doesn't come off easily to dry the phone out, this resulted in a battery that would last about an hour after you took it off the charger, I mean within an hour it would go from 100% charge down to 0% and shut itself off. Poor hubs has been dealing with a dying phone everyday for around a month now. Well he did some research online to see what could be done and what the most cost effective option was to fix the dying phone. You can take it to an Apple Store and they will replace the battery for you, but for around $80 or more, he could have upgraded to the iphone 5 but he didn't want that, he was too happy with his iphone 4S and didn't want to have to get used to a new phone plus set up all his apps and emails and hence making it exactly the same as the current iphone he has, and the best option was replace the battery yourself. We figured if it didn't work we would upgrade me to the iphone 5 and he could have my old 4S. So on to amazon.com we went and searched for a battery and the reviews so nicely tell you about this neat little iphone tool kit that makes changing the battery so much easier. 
We went with the iclover 8-in-1 screwdriver opening pry tool repair kit for the iphone and 3.7V 1430mAh Li-ion internal battery replacement battery for iphone 4S. The repair kit was $5.87 with tax and shipping and the batter was $6.14 so for a total of $12.01 you got everything you need to fix the dying iphone. He watched a YouTube video and got to work, only taking him about 10-15 minutes the iphone surgery was complete and he now has a iphone that will live longer than an hour! 
By the way, I know I said I was going to get pictures from Saturday uploaded but last night I thought it was a better idea to shellac my nails. I got some new colors, on my thumb is glowstick and the fingers are purple crush all by orly of course since that is the system I use. I order my orly colors on amazon.com because I have not seen them anywhere else in Cincinnati. The Orly system is what my sister-in-law in Italy uses at the salon she works at that is one of the reasons I chose that system, that and the fact that I like Orly a lot.
Tonight we are going to see the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ballpark downtown, hopefully I get some great pictures to share on here. This means that I won't get the pics of the Subaru meet from Saturday up until maybe Wednesday now, and at the same time I will have baseball game pics on top of it. I find if I use the camera instead of  my phone for pics that I just kind of forget about them, or well I just never get around to putting the memory card in my computer. Hmmmm this could be a reason to upgrade my phone to the iphone 5, it does have a slightly better camera. I may just wait around until my birthday next year and see if they have a 6 out by then. That's the problem you can never have the latest technology because it's forever changing, you just can't win. 

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