Friday, May 31, 2013

So sore!

I have been doing two-a-days for the past two weeks now, minus the weekends of course, I feel like I get enough of a workout on Sundays when I sweat my @$$ off cleaning my house for two or more hours. Last night I crashed and crashed super hard from the two-a-days. I came home from work and did a 30 minute yoga routine and afterwards I just fell on the couch and didn't want to move at all. My triceps are in serious pain along with my calves and hamstrings, but I know it's worth it. The soreness just reminds me I have muscles under my skin that were getting lazy and just needed to be woken up. I know the soreness will subside a bit once my body adjusts to the new workouts I have added, the arms and abs. I just have to keep telling myself if I don't have the sore muscles and the tired body then I'm not using my body to it's fullest potential. I like to the think the body is an organic machine that is made to be fed wholesome foods and worked regularly, of course with a splurge on things that just make ya feel good every now and then. Like last night I couldn't bare to move and the thought of preparing food let alone eating it sounded exhausting to me, so my loving husband that felt sorry for his sweaty, weak, and sore wife was so nice that he drove us to pick up some chinese food for a quick easy dinner. It was a life saver, I needed the chinese food to soothe my body, hahaha at least that's what it felt like. I'm sure my body would have been better soothed by fruits and veggies but at the time it didn't seem like that would have done the trick. Today I'm still very sore but I managed to drag myself out of the bed at 5:45 this morning and run on the elliptical for 25 minutes before taking a slow hot shower, and running a tad bit behind this morning. I think tonight after work I'm going to take it a bit easier and just work my abs with a quick pilates routine because my arms and legs need a break. But it is all totally worth it, I think after just 2 weeks of two-a-days I can see a difference in my arms, bring on tank top season!

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