Monday, June 10, 2013

Date night at PF Changs!

I love PF Changs, it's one of my go to restaurants, they have a fairly big menu with a wide variety, even if it's all Asian food of some sort, could be Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, etc, but they are always willing to work with you if you want to remove all the yummy flavor and be left with simple steak, chicken, and rice your can get that easy enough. Personally I love all the flavors, I have not found anything I dislike yet but I do have a few favorites like these chicken lettuce wraps, perfect since I went carb-free last week (didn't eat the rice noodles), these little babies are a top secret recipe, I've seen many copy cat recipes online and tried a few myself and none of them are quite as good as the real deal. I could eat these at least once a week if not more, if you ever see a PF Changs, please stop in and try these yummy lettuce wraps!
 To keep things healthy and low-carb the hubs and I split 3 entrees, and the rice stayed on his side of the table (you get rice with every entree whether you want it or not). I ordered Mongolian Beef, a thin sliced beef that is cooked in a wok and tossed with scallions and garlic. The hubs chose the Kung Pao Chicken, sounds spicy but as long as you don't actually eat one of the little chili peppers it just has a nice heat to it, it has chicken breast stir fried with peanuts, scallions, and chili peppers, so yummy! We also split the Buddha's feast, this was my rice replacement, it is a big pile of veggies you can choose steamed or stir-fried, we went with steamed, there was some baked tofu hidden in the dish that I thought were pieces of mushroom at first, I'm pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the baked tofu, now if I only knew exactly what kind of tofu they used and exactly how they prepared it, then I would be happy to add more tofu to my diet, until then, only when it happens to pop up in something I order at a restaurant will it enter my body. Tofu is just too scary to me to be cooking at home, there are so many different kinds and different ways to prepare it, I just don't know where to start. 

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