Monday, June 10, 2013

Grilled chicken and veggies

I was inspired by for this recipe, you may remember me making Taralynn's hawaiian grilled chicken, well this is very similar and super simple. 

I used cooking scissors to cut a pocket in the chicken breasts, this time I stuffed them with pepperjack cheese but I will stick with laughing cow wedges from now on, they have great flavor, low fat, and stay inside the chicken better. On top of the chicken are some sliced onions and peppers, we placed it on the grill and let it cook away.
I should say my husband put the chicken n the grill and let it cook away while I manned the stove inside for the veggies. I melted a tbsp of butter in a pan and threw in some sliced onion and a bit of diced jalepeno, let that sweat for a bit and then dump in a can of corn, and I used about 1/2 a can of black beans. Sprinkle the mix with some salt and let cook on medium low for a bit until warm and then it can sit on low until the chicken is ready. 

 I'm sorry for those not in the USA because you most likely do not have the variety of barbeque sauce that we have, you may not have barbeque sauce at all. I used my favorite sauce, Montgomery Inn, yumm! This stuff is actually made here in Cincinnati, it's from a delicious restaurant that our city takes a lot of pride in, Montgomery Inn has been a big name in Cincinnati since 1951.
 Now I love this barbeque sauce, but not all are created equal some of smoky flavors, spicy, and sweet, this one is a bit on the sweet side. My husband, being from Italy and not raised eating barbeque sauce, does not really like the flavor well at least not on meat, which is the intended purpose for the sauce, he's happy to dip french fries in it though. Barbeque sauce is definitely a preference, I even know some Americans that dislike it, but on grilled chicken, I love me some Montgomery Inn sauce!
The finished product photo is not the best, but trust me the peppers and barbeque sauce, oh it was delicous!

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