Friday, June 7, 2013

Subaru Meet!

First off it's Friday!!!! Just had to celebrate that it's almost the weekend!
Now onto the post...Last Saturday I got the joy of being involved in the annual Joseph Subaru Meet, it was pretty awesome! As you may know from previous posts my husband has a 2012 WRX STI that he loves, so to say the least we get involved in a couple Suby meets and rides throughout the year.  This meet was fabulous! I had a great time, it was a bit cloudy and we did get hit with a little sprinkle of rain, but that was just enough to cool things off. It was warm last Saturday and somehow through all those clouds, a lot of the people ended up with sunburns, thank goodness my makeup has spf so I survived, I did get an odd tan line on my neck from the v-neck top I was wearing, haha. 
The cars were divided by model, there were the STIs, BRZs, Legacys, Forresters, Bug-eyes, Imprezas, and of course others, you know when a car is modified a bit and doesn't fall in a regular class.
Here is a Suby that got to do one of the things it's made for, Subaru WRX is a rally car, they are made to go fast, turn corners on a dime, and play in the dirt, even if mine hasn't got to play in the dirt yet, she's too young still.
This is one of the other cars, the Saabaru, it's a homemade combo of a Saab and a Subaru, pretty neat!
And as you can tell by most of the pics, this is my favorite, the BRAT! These cars were made in the late 70s to early 80s and for only a short period of time, what a shame isn't it, who would't want one of these. This one in the picture is lifted, but I still like it. If you have seen the show my name is Earl you might recogize it as the car Joy drives. One day when we have more space in our garage we are going to hunt one of these babies down and restore it, just because it's one of the coolest cars out there, and your not going to find a new one so your best bet is to find a decent one and get to work in the garage.

You see why this car rocks, you have seats in the back! It's not the only reason the car rocks it's an all terrain tough mudder but the look is also fabulous!
Doesn't it look like fun!
Rows and rows of Subarus!
The BRZs
There was a raffle for Suby prizes, the first 60 people got a free t-shirt for the event (including me!), there was a DJ from a classic radio station, and an awesome buffet with grilled burgers and dogs! You were also able to enter your car to be graded and possibly given an award. There are a lot of Suby guys here the put tens of thousands of dollars in to modifying their cars, we have not invested nearly that much in ours so we didn't win anything. The BRAT got a few trophies, I don't remember all of the awards it received but there were three I think.

This pic was from the end of the day so most of the crowd had dispersed, shame because the sun came out and dried up all the rain! Somehow I ended up in the middle of the group picture, I was not important or anything just lucky placement I guess. I'm already looking forward to next year, it was a great event!

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