Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend photo update

Bought a DVD player at Target, nothing too exciting, just so I can watch Gossip Girl in my bedroom before I fall asleep while my hubs is out of town

Finally planted my basil that I got a month ago, so cute it comes with a planter made from a coconut husk. Hopefully all this humidity we have right now makes my little basil seeds sprout quickly!

Picture is kind of dark, I didn't do a lot of shopping this weekend but I did stop and use a bath and body works coupon. They had a buy 2 get 1 free on all items so I picked up a couple candles in summer scents for the house. My husband thinks I have an addiction to candles but I say I'm stocking up for the zombie apocalypse, hahaha, so when the zombies take over and the power stops working I should have candles to last us for awhile.

I had a Victoria secret coupon to use too so I picked up some new lip glosses and the new beach sexy wave spray for hair. The spray smells fantastic but has a lot of salt water to it. The first day I used only the spray on my hair and it was a bit frizzy after letting it air dry, from all the salt. I find it difficult to find a beach wave spray that does just what I want. This morning I used the garnier oil first then sprayed on the wave spray and it turned out much better. The salt reacts nicely with the oil giving me piecey wavy curls.

I needed a new shampoo and conditioner, I picked these up on clearance at Target. They are all natural so they of course aren't spectacular but they get the job done and the smell is incredible, the plumeria is so fresh and gives me a little escape. I changed pretty much all my perfumes, lotions, body washes, and all that stuff over to summer scents, I like a lot of coconut scents for summer, it gives you that vacation feeling.

I got my beauty protector in the mail, yay! This stuff smells great, some of the reviews complained about the smell a bit but I think it's fabulous and it airs out pretty quickly. I didn't notice it being too oily either like some of the reviews said. I think this is a pretty good product, it detangles, conditions, and protects from heat damage. If you dry and straighten as much as me, it's a good investment to protect your hair.

Spent my Sunday afternoon laying on the back porch catching some sun, I didn't stay out long since it was my first real sun of the season and I didn't want to burn myself. It was very nice, lounging on the deck and reading the May issue of Shape magazine.

I made this awesome fajita salad, it was a recipe form 100daysof You get a flank steak or london broil and season it with some taco/fajita spices put it in the bottom of the crockpot, cover with peppers, onions, jalepenos, and let it cook away for about 7 hours on low and the meat is so tender and shreds up nicely. I put it on top of a bed of lettuce with some cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. It was a nice and yummy lunch!

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