Friday, May 17, 2013

What's in my pantry

So obviously the pantry items can change from time to time depending on what you are planning to cook that week. I try to make a grocery list once a week and plan dinners for every night I will be able to cook them, but there are few things that are always always always in my pantry.
Amy's organic soups especially the chunky vegetable, I always have these on hand for a quick healthy meal. I add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and have a few crostini with it and it's perfect.

King Arthur Flour, it's all natural and it's a white wheat flour that is unbleached. I love this all purpose flour, I use it for everything from bread to cookies, to breading meat/protein when I fry or bake it. I found this from an blog called she has great tips.

I always have canned tomatoes on hand, diced, whole, peeled, crushed, paste, every kind possible and Dei Fratelli is one of my go to brands. Namely because it's all natural and it's from Italy, same place as my husband.

Peanut butter, oh my god I can't live without it! My pantry always has a large jar of the jif creamy all natural peanut butter. I love it on bread, apples, bananas, in smoothies, it's just awesome!

Tuna, you gotta have tuna handy. Its a great source of protein, if the Armageddon happens I hope to have a good stock of this in my pantry with the peanut butter, I think I could survive quite some time with peanut butter tuna sandwiches and smoothies, hahaha.

Just like the peanut butter I have a large container of nutella on hand too. You can stuff this in pastry shells and bake them up in the oven for a dessert or breakfast. It's great with just about every fruit. You can't go wrong with nutella.

Whole wheat bread, this is for my toast, peanut butter, and nutella sandwiches. My husband uses it for his salami and pepperjack cheese sandwiches, he actually just recently switched to the whole grain variety much better for him. This brand has only 35 calories per slice and plenty of fiber, it's not too bad for you. 

Pasta! Always have a variety of different pastas in my pantry, this is because I'm a pasta lover and my husband is Italian, which is also why we only have  De Cecco or sometimes Barilla.

Tortialla chips, all natural of course. I love tortialla chips with salsa or guacamole, yummm hungry thinking about it.

Olive oil, you must have olive oil at all times, and it must be imported and first pressed extra virgin when you live with someone from Italy.

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