Tuesday, May 28, 2013

weekend insta-update

What a fun weekend! My Friday started with a girlfriend coming over to hang out at my house, we cooked huevos rancheros and watched girly movies. Saturday was my make up mother's day celebration with mom, since we have both been super busy the past two weeks. Sunday my hubby came home! Monday was Memorial Day and we celebrated our day off work with a trip to the park with Guido!

This spa is fantastic, it's a smaller spa but it feels so elegant when you arrive and they are very attentive to your needs. I'm already checking the calendar to see when I can make another appointment.

After massages at the spa, we headed to the nail salon to get our feet in shape for summer. The spa pedicures involved this parafin wax treatment where they covered you in this grey stuff and then wrapped warm towels around your legs and feet, it felt fantastic!

After the spa and nail salon we headed to Panera Bread for lunch. We both had a 1/2 Tuna salad sandwich with a cup of broccoli cheddar soup. This was my first time having tuna salad at Panera and it was yummy, one of the bests I have had in awhile, I will be sure to get this combo again, especially for only 450-500 calories for the whole meal.

Monday we spent our Day off at the West Chester/Mason MetroPark. It is called a MetroPark because it's actually in the middle of the city but it's a nice escape. They are still developing the park but what is built and usable now was already fantastic. There is a 1 mile loop walking path that goes around a huge lake, that you can also fish in, and there are some bird refuges that have beautiful birds to watch. 

The MetroPark also had an awesome dog park, a huge fenced in area where everyone can bring their dogs and take them off the leash and let them run all over. Guido made some nice friends, especially a pretty little girl about 8 months old named Roxy, this was their tree, they rolled in the shad together. I'm sure Guido can't wait until the next trip and he's already hoping that Roxy will be there again. 

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