Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Frosty Doggy Ice Cream Treats!

I finally had some ripe bananas and decided it was warm enough that I was going to try making the dog ice cream treats I see on pinterest. I didn't look up a specific recipe, for homemade dog treats it's pretty simple, keep the ingredients as wholesome and real as possible. Dogs are made to eat sticks and drink from lakes, they can handle pretty much anything except heavily processed foods us humans can eat. 

I used some honey, some plane greek yogurt, bananas...

and organic peanut butter

you just mix it all together

and divide it up in containers and freeze. I used a muffin pan lined with papers and I covered it in plastic wrap. For future reference I would come up with something different for the freezing process because even with the paper liners they managed to stick a bit to the pan and the paper. It was easy to pop them out with a butter knife and to peel the paper though so this did work just fine. I have seen people using the silicone trays to freeze them, however the only silicone tray I had was a ice cube one and in the shape of very small fish and I didn't the the mixture would sit well.

Guido loved his ice cream treats, now he has dessert to enjoy on the warm summer nights along side his mom and dad. And the best part is this dessert does not cost a lot to make, it's simple, and there is something fun about whipping up dessert for your fur baby in your kitchen!


  1. Thanks for this recipe! I need to try this, our dogs love anything that includes peanut butter. :)

  2. No problem, they are super easy to make and great for the dogs on a warm summer day! Also they have been great for helping Guido take his medicine from his injured claw, I can sneak the antibiotic in the ice cream and he eats it right up, and it also helps coat his tummy so the medicine doesn't make him sick, same for humans ;-)