Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacation booked!

I am so excited to have a vacation planned for the summer that I have already started counting down the days, even if it's not until July. We rented this beauty of a cabin this year in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it's one of my favorite places to vacation for several reasons. 
Most people love to vacation at the beach, well there are beaches in Michigan just along lakes instead of oceans which is what I prefer, salt water gives me a terrible sticky feeling and dries my skin. I also have a fear of jelly fish, sting rays, and sharks, none of those happen to live in fresh water. For the most part the fresh water is safe to swim in, the fish in the fresh water are more scared of you than you should be of them. 
I love going to the UP because it's quiet and peaceful, it's much more relaxing than most beach vacations where there are tons of tourists and people drinking heavily and acting crazy, I grew out of that a long time ago. Don't get me wrong I still drink plenty of alcohol in my lovely cabin nestled on 80 acres of hiking trails, greenery, creeks, lakes, and waterfalls, it's just nice to not be surrounded by tourists that are drunk and falling all over the place. Added bonus, the drinks are much cheaper at the cabin than at some beach bar.
Another reason, I can vacation here with my dog! What dog wouldn't love this place? He will have so much exploring to do he will be exhausted every night. We took him for the first time last year, and that's when he learned how to swim. 

This year we chose a cabin that does not have regular electric so we are going a bit more primitive. There are some solar panels and propane used to power the cabin and appliances, for that reason there are not any items that use too much electricity, for example, microwaves, TVs, or hairdryers. The best part about being here is you do not need those things! You can't cook fish from the lake in a microwave, you can't watch TV when you have 80 acres of streams, waterfalls, and trails all to yourself, and why on earth would you need to blow dry your hair to sit under a fresh waterfall?
The only downfall is it's a long long drive, you can't exactly fly, one because there are no airports close by and two it would cost a fortune for all the luggage, sleeping bags, fishing poles, tackle boxes, not to mention we bring the dog with us. The drive is great for me because my sweet husband usually drives the whole way.
I've already been pinning away on pinterest packing and outfit ideas, feel free to share!

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