Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Review

Last time I was at Whole Foods I picked up some frozen sides, I like stocking up things from their freezer section because I know they are wholesome good for you foods, I don't have to over analyze the ingredients because Whole Foods does that for you already. Last night we grilled up some yummy chicken breasts and I heated up this side of frozen quinoa mixed with zucchini and sweet potato. 
This quinoa mix will never make it back to my freezer, it was not good. I even anticipated it being very bland so I cooked it in a bit of butter instead of water like the directions say. I added salt and pepper and it was still nothing to please the tastebuds. I took a few bites and it just didn't tickle my fancy, I prefer food to have at least some flavor, if not then why even eat it. I know you should eat things to fuel the body, but I look for a perfect combo in my food, I want good tasting fuel and this just was not it. I have not tried making quinoa from scratch maybe that comes out different. It's a grain a bit like rice so I think you could spice it up a bit and that would help but as this was my first experience I didn't want to experiment with adding different flavors just yet. I may try it again sometime but not just quinoa and flavorless veggies that is for sure. 

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