Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yummy outside lunch

I picked up an awesome salad for lunch, it was sooooo good and even better since I got to enjoy outside on my own deck.
I stopped at Panera Bread and got the chopped cobb salad without the gorgonzola and instead of the normal herbed vinaigrette that comes with it that packs an amazing 24 grams of fat and a ton of calories I subbed the bbq ranch, couldn't believe it was half the fat and calories of the vinaigrette. I only needed one little cup of dressing too because the avocado made it so yummy and creamy. The salad had romaine greens, avocado, grilled chicken, applewood smoked bacon, and egg. I will have to remember this combo for the next time I'm craving salad, it's so close to my office that I can pop in pick it up and run home and enjoy it outside with Guido.

The blogger app changed on the iphone and I'm not loving it, the pictures are much more blurry and when I go on the computer to add writing to the post I notice the pictures are showing off center and I cannot move them. So I have emailed the photos to myself and uploaded them this way, it is much more clearer then using the blogger app. I should probably consider doing it this way more often. I would use the icloud except my the cloud is setup with all my husbands devices too so it's easier to email myself photos then to mix them in with all the photos in the cloud.

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