Saturday, April 6, 2013

My birthday eve...

Saturday was beautiful, it's finally spring, and just in time for my birthday weekend. This was one of the best birthday weekends I have ever had.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed off to the League for Animal Welfare shelter for orientation. My husband and I decided we want to give some love to other animals less fortunate than Guido so we are going to volunteer here and help socialize the dogs and cats and give them baths and take them on walks. This shelter was beautiful, very clean and the animals seem fairly happy, they would be happier if a nice family wanted to adopt them and give them a nice home, but I will be happy to play with them and cuddle them until they get that chance. You can learn more about the League on their website,

After our orientation with the animals we headed off to a fundraiser for them at Fule coffee shop, my husband's normal Saturday morning hangout. This is actually how we heard about the league for animal welfare and pushed us to check out their website and make the decision to give some love to furry little babies! The fundraiser was something new for me, it was called the Leprechaun run, it was a kind of road rally each car had to to an entry fee and they give you a little bag with a nice pint glass, information on animals, and there is a packet in the bag with the route you will be driving and you participate in a scavenger hunt, at the end you meet up at a bar and grill called Molly Malone's and whoever is the first with the scavenger hunt completed and correct gets the Leprechaun trophy and each year the leprechaun is passed to a new winner, kind of like crowning of Miss America, hahaha.

This is the little coffee place where the event started and below is one of the fabulous cars participating, we did not drive with that group since we have a Subaru WRX STI we drove with the Subie group.

What a great day, the drive we took was beautiful, it was 112 miles and all lovely winding country roads that lead us to the small town of Augusta, Kentucky. We stopped here for a bit of a break to stretch our legs, grab a snack at the general store and lined up the cars for a picture. Our Subie, which we call Bianchina, means little whites in Italian, she's the one there on the end next to the green Audi. She beautiful isn't she, she just got new grills put on and detailed last weekend. She looks so tough and she and my husband did a great job driving, I had so much fun on the winding roads doing really fast speeds, not sure I have ever been that fast on those little windy roads before, but I was not scared at all, it was quite exilerating!

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