Sunday, April 7, 2013

My birthday!

I started off my acutal birthday with a morning pedicure, it's been a while since I had a professional touch my feet and what better time than my birthday.

I went with a dark blue color on my toes, by OPI, the color was called Yoga-ta get this blue, it was very fitting since I just done yoga before going to the nail salon. Not to mention that blue is my favorite color!
I came home from my pedicure to find these lovely tulips with the little happy birthday balloon on my table, what a sweet husband I have, he ran out and got me flowers while I was getting my toes done.

After the pedicure I wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, mainly so I could pick up some cheesecake for later that day but I love their food. The Cheesecake factory has become a well known chain in the US, it's not terribly expensive but certainly not cheep, each slice of cake will cost you around $8 and most of the menu items are around $13-$20. They have a huge menu, there is something for everyone, but it also makes it so hard to choose what to eat. I went with fish and chips and since I was starving when I ordered I requested the dinner size portion, too much and couldn't finish but I certainly tried. The cole slaw was perfect, the fish was incredible the fries were crispy, the tarter sauce was homemade and to die for!
I did get to slices of cake to go, didn't take pictures because they didn't look terribly pretty in the carry out box and I just threw them on a plate and my husband and I dug in with 2 big forks, mmmm mmm mmmm!
We chose the 30th anniversary cheesecake which was chocolate cake and original cheesecake layered with a chocolate ganache frosting and the second slice we chose was the oreo dream, oh my goodness, I think this will be a permanent choice for us whenever we stop here. The oreo dream was a chocolate cheesecake with layers of oreos topped with a cookie and cream cheesecake layer then again more chocolate ganache and oreo crumbs for sprinkles! If you are in the US and you see a sign for the Cheesecake factory go try it out, I promise you won't regret the decision.
After lunch I had some gift cards to Victoria Secret to spend and I have been wanting a new bikini. It was crowded as always but they have a nice new Pink store they opened at the Kenwood Towne Center and it was fabulous! I got a coral color bottom and a chevron pattern top and the sweet and flirty fragrance collection lotion, body spray, and eau de toilette!
I had a fabulous birthday weekend, my husband treated me like a little princess, I couldn't ask for a better birthday!

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