Monday, April 22, 2013

weekend dinner, OOTD, and breggie

I made yummy chicken burritos for dinner Saturday, should have posted pics of the process but was distracted by chatting with a friend and catching up on lots of gossip and things.
These were so simple, I had half a can of corn and black beans left from a previous meal so I tossed those in a not stick skillet with some salsa for flavor. I pounded down the chicken breasts nice and thin and even and coated with some paprika, cayenne pepper, and chili powder and browned them in some olive oil. Cut the chicken in tiny pieces when it's finished and put that in a warm tortilla with the corn and black bean mix, top with whatever you want, I went with sour cream, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and more salsa.
Of course you should have a Corona on the side, hahaha I went with a yuengling, my new favorite beer, I bought a 6 pack of the low calorie one and it's just like the regular, going to be a staple in my fridge all summer long.

Here is today's outfit, I have work, a doctor's appointment, and a hair appointment, busy day with lots of running and it's Monday!
This is a hollister shirt, charlotte russe jeans (from like 10 years ago), and havaiannas flip flops.

Breakfast or breggie was not lovely to not share. It's a whole wheat tortilla spread with a bit of peanut butter,  sprinkled with a few raisins, lay down the banana, drizzle with some honey, roll it up and slice it, so yummy I think I could live off of this. 

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