Monday, April 22, 2013

Deliveries and overstock shopping

Over the weekend I received some deliveries, had a friend spend some time with me, and did a bit of shopping mainly for things for the house. I did get a new pair of shoes, not pictured yet, they are super cute, can't believe I forgot about those, they are wedges and extremely comfy, going to get a lot of wear this spring and summer.

So here were my boxes that arrived.

I subscribe to Birchbox, it's a monthly subscription where you get a box every month with 5 products to try sometimes they are small samples and sometimes you a full size product in it.
Well they had a special for spring the Birchbox Home box from the garden, I checked it out and the deal was too good to pass up. The price was $32 plus I had a $10 coupon to use. I needed a few home things, we are still a newly married couple and we went from an apartment to house with much more space and larger kitchen so there are definitely kitchen needs I have.

Here is what I received in the Birchbox home box, it came with a little basil plant (the planter is made of recycled coconut husk), a baggu bag (hot pink! and it stuffs in this little scare pocket so it's something I can easily toss in my purse when I am going to make a trip to the grocery), L'occitane bergamot perfume (smells fantastic!), Lafco cilantro orange candle (smells yummy), Sarabeth's all natural fruit preserves, The Core utility kitchen knife (so pretty with the floral design), Tocca hand cream (smell has gardenia in it, so it's a bit too strong but I still like it and makes my hands feel so smooth), and last but not least it came with a cute shopping list.

I also ordered these extras, Caldrea hand soap, smells lovely and feels nice on the hands,  and chuao chocolatier assorted chocopods, super yummy the flavors are very different, here is the description from the website.
Potato Chip (kettle chips and sea salt in milk chocolate), Sweet and Salty (milk chocolate with a hint of salt), Maple Bacon (crisp bacon with a dose of maple sweetness and smoked sea salt in milk chocolate), Honeycomb (amber honey caramelized into crispy pieces in dark chocolate), Salted Chocolate Crunch (toasted breadcrumbs with sea salt in dark chocolate), Spicy Maya (a spicy blend of pasilla chile, cinnamon, and cayenne in dark chocolate), and Firecracker (chipotle caramel fudge dotted with popping candy and salt in dark chocolate).

So far I have tried the Firecracker, it is a bit spicy, I was surprised, The Honeycomb, very yummy and the Salted chocolate crunch with the toasted breadcrumbs. I love that each chocolate comes in wrapped individually in this pretty box and it tells you the calories of each one. When you open it you will find that the chocolate is in the shape of a leaf, not sure why. I am definitely going to order these again.

The core bamboo forks, spoons, and knives were a free gift with purchase. I have only used the spoon so far but thy are just so pretty, going to put these in my camping box probably because they just look like they should be used outdoors.

Here is another picture of the Tocca hand cream, you wouldn't believe how silky and smooth.
And I got a reward from Victoria's secret and had a birthday reward to still spend so I had $20 in rewards to put towards this purchase. I picked out a pair of black bikini bottoms, I love these bottoms they fit nicely and comfy, my booty doesn't hand out too much making me feel over exposed in public, I'm a bit shy. I got a coconut passion perfume, smells like summer! And the little pink package is a free sample of the new dream angels kiss fragrance, smells nice not something I would buy it's a bit flowery.

Here is my TJ Maxx purchase, well the things that weren't for the house. I needed some new workout gear, I got some nice quick dry Fila socks, a New balance sports bra, and these shorts Oh my I was so excited they have pockets, I'm always looking for gym shorts that have pockets for my keys or what not when I want to go walk with Guido.

I should have probably posted a pic of my other TJ Maxx buys, I got a new bialetti espresso pot, the single serve it was $12 which was a fantastic deal since they are normally $25 and the one I got I can't find online to show it has a purple base, I will have to take a photo. I also got a new mortar and pestle, a bigger one for making pesto and marinades, made of solid olive wood. I got a few new house decorations too, but those have to wait because my husband hasn't seen them, even if they are simple he gets to see the finished product first. 

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