Friday, April 19, 2013


Oh love the wet spring weather, not really keeps me from wearing cute spring shoes that expose my little toes to fresh air. This is my, I'm ready for chilly wet weather outfit.

Got my hat on to protect my face and luscious locks from the rain.

Breakfast this morning, my extra ripe apply and a big glob of peanut butter, mmmmmm!
I know some of the readers from other countries may not have peanut butter, I feel for you terribly, I know that it doesn't exist in Italy, my husband when first introduced to peanut butter couldn't get enough of it. I'm really surprised that Europe has nutella but not peanut butter. I use all natural peanut butter, and it's simply peanuts, salt, and a dash of something to sweeten it usually sugar but sometimes you find the natural ones that are sweetened with honey or agave. You can make it yourself very easily in a food processor, we have stations at the organic markets with nut grinders full of different nuts, you can make almond butter, sunflower butter, cashew, any kind of nut or seed you can think of can be grinded or processed  until smooth like butter. It's full of healthy fats that help lower the bad cholesterol and it has protein and fiber, what more can you ask for! It's great on apples but even better on bananas.
Yesterday after taking my husband to the airport I stopped and did a bit of TJ Maxx shopping and hit up the grocery for some basics that needed to be replaced in the pantry. I was having TJ Maxx withdrawals, I have not been in quite some time, it's a overstock store, all name brands and designers but all overstocked items those designers needed to clear out so TJ Maxx or another chain is called Marshall's buys those overstocked items to sell at discounts. I will have to take pics of the items today after work and upload them, I got some good deals on things that I needed and didn't necessarily need. I like going there because they don't just carry clothing or makeup they have it all, including housewares, men's section, children, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, it's nice to get just about everything in one roof, the bad thing is you buy it all in one place so you have one total to pay and its usually larger than what you would notice if you went to a bunch of different stores.

After I finally arrived home I pulled in my driveway and my garage door opener did not work, now it wasn't raining or storming but it was a bit windy, however that didn't register and I was cursing the garage opener thinking the battery died or it broke. I got inside and then realized non of the lights would turn on, so I checked with the electric company and my area had a large amount of outages. I spent quite a few hours without power, that means no wifi either, so luckily I have the Body by Bethenny yoga workout downloaded to my ipad so I can do it anywhere with or without wifi, so I lit a bunch of candles and did about an hour long yoga session, it was very nice. Before that yoga session I sat outside on my back deck reading a magazine and in the picture above it's a little hard to see but there is a big blue jay just sitting there on the branch. There were a ton of them, flying all around enjoying the bird feeder we have hanging on one of the trees. Around 9:00 finally got power back and was able to cook up a little dinner for myself and shortly after the power was  back out again but at least this time it was a short bout and it was back on around 10:00. Guido and I were exhausted from the nice long yoga workout we had, so we curled up on the sofa with some raunchy Kardashian television and settled in for a nice sleep listening to the storm brewing outside. 

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