Thursday, April 18, 2013

OOTD with breakfast

Yayayayaya it's spring! I can wear shoes that expose my toes and pants rolled up exposing my ankles, so nice to let the air hit the parts of my skin that were hiding all winter. Here's my classic spring outfit.

And here was my healthy breakfast, my nonfat homemade mocha latte and a banana chocochip vita top the apple was for a bit later, well my plan was ruined by donuts! Another co-worker thought it would be nice to treat us all to donuts this morning, and it was nice and yummy, I had a chocolate iced one with sprinkles about an hour after eating my vita top. Luckily the vita top only has 1 gram of fat and 100 calories, along with good fiber and it's all natural/organic. Now just going to have to watch my lunch today since I had a donut for a snack. I have the worst willpower sometimes, I just can't resist sweet or salty foods they make me crumble, I do try to keep it to a normal serving. I did run for 30 minutes this morning on the elliptical and pushed it pretty hard and this evening I'm on my own as my hubs has a business trip so I am planning a nice long yoga session, thinking it's a body by Bethenny evening.
I have been really trying to do yoga everyday, its's really a great way to get in tune with your body and it's ability to move in crazy ways. My husband is super supportive of my yoga, hahaha, he likes to sit  on the couch and watch me and Guido likes to join in sometimes but he won't last more than 30 mins, after 30 mins he looses interest and then wants to play instead of stretching with mommy.
Today I have work and then have to deliver my husband to his flying chariot that will deliver him to Las Vegas for a exhibit/show. He's going to gone for 6 nights and 7 days, it's been awhile since he had a trip like this. We are still newly weds so I will be missing him lots and lots, luckily I have our little fur baby to keep my busy and then should be having a girly weekend with a couple friends, and possibly an outing with my mommy too!

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