Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Study study study...

Last night I caught up on some studies that I needed to do, I spent a couple hours parked in front of my desk, not fun after spending a day working at a desk. I only have 2 weeks left of classes and then it's summer break, and I could use it. I wish there was a class available this summer that I needed but I have ran into this problem over the past few summers, the upper level classes just are not offered during the summer time, I assume because there is not as much interest. I scheduled my classes for next fall, and I am very excited to know that I'm that much closer to being finished. I say finished but do not know if I will ever stop going to the university, I really enjoy learning and it is good for my brain to keep challenging it with new things. Once I finish my degree I may just take 1 class each semester, or look for an online university that I can take classes with to just further my education, I am not sure once my BA in Accounting and Business is finished if I want to major in something again or just take classes that interest me, something like a nutrition class or something, maybe a few more marketing classes, I did well in those and that was my original major before changing several times and finally settling on Accounting as my main area of study. We'll see where it goes when the time comes.

Guido does not like when his daddy is away and mommy has to study. He stays by my side and was well behaved for about 40 minutes then he started to get bored so he got some peanut butter in his kong toy and that kept him happy until I finished.

My hubby comes home tonight, late but better late than not at all. I have school this evening so that will help pass the time as I eagerly await his homecoming. It's been awhile since he was out of town this long and especially over a weekend, and I tell you the time difference even if it is only 3 hours is a pain. Next month we will have a 6 hour time difference and 10 days apart, so maybe this trip was good and will help me be more prepared for the 10 day trip...don't think I'll ever be prepared to spend that long apart. But it is true that when he has a trip and must go out of town, I am that much more excited for him to come home, absence can make the heart grow fonder. 

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