Monday, March 4, 2013

Burger night

My husband says he needs a burger once a week at the very least so in order to make him happy and keep the burger on the healthy side I decided Sunday night this week would be a burger night. We made our first trip to whole foods market on Sunday, so everything on this plate is organic, pretty exciting! Wait I forgot about the pickles and the reduced fat olive oil mayo hiding under my bun, so everything is mostly organic. We grilled up extra lean beef burgers, with organic white cheddar cheese, with a variety of toppings. I made some of Bethenny Frankel's faux fries and it was a fantastic meal, a little high in fat and calories but at least they were healthy fats for the most part (olive oil on the fries) and almost everything was organic.
Whole foods market was pretty awesome, it's a bit further from our house than I would normally go for the grocery but I think it's worth it. We have a fresh market about a mile away but they are rather expensive. The whole foods market I was really impressed with the cost, my husband and I both expected to walk out of there with a much higher total but really wasn't bad and we got a dinners for every night this week pretty much, except I forgot eggs, and the pork tenderloin they had was a little over priced but that was the only item that gave me sticker shock. We even picked up a few odd things to try, well my husband picked up a few odd things to try. One was some kind of seaweed snack that smelled too much like strange fish that I couldn't even try it, he ate one piece of the crispy seaweed and gave up. The other item was some baked snap pea things that weren't all that special, they look pretty cool but it's basically a puffed snack of come kind that looks like a snap pea, the ingredients do say that it contains peas and the list is relatively small but I wouldn't count this as a serving of veggies.

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