Thursday, March 28, 2013

Roasted Chicken!

Made my first roasted chicken, surprising since I've roasted several turkeys in my time and smoked many chickens, but this is my first time roasting a whole chicken in the oven and it's super easy! I made a 4 pound bird which was a bit too large for just me and my husband but it was the only roasting chicken left at the store. I stuffed the inside with chopped onions and celery and gave a nice squirt of honey, and some chunks of butter. I placed some pieces of butter between the skin and breasts, drizzled olive oil on the outside and gave a good coating of kosher or rock salt. Pop the bird in the oven on 375 degrees and they say it takes about 20 minutes per pound which means this bird should have taken 1 hour 20 minutes but it took about 2 hours before it reached the safe temperature of 165 degrees. I will certainly be making more roasted chickens but going to save those for weekend dinners, coming home from work and getting the bird prepped and put in the oven was not my cup of tea, I like to come home and relax a bit before thinking of cooking.

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