Thursday, March 28, 2013

School Night

Another school evening, I had a big quiz tonight, and not sure how I did. I hate waiting for professors to grade papers and exams, I want to know right away if I did well or not.
It was a bit warmer today so I was able to show some skin, just on my ankles. I rolled up my jeans and paired them with my awesome new shoes! These were part of my weekend shopping and I love them, they are cute and comfy enough to walk around campus. I searched long and hard before finally picking a pair of these slipper type shoes, some of them the point in the front is too much and some just look to much like house shoes, these were perfect. My mom actually talked me into them, she said that these shoes have been around for as long as she can remember, Ralph Lauren started making them famous a long time ago selling them with the RL on the front. So they were a good invetment according to mom, and mom knows best, right...

Of course I had my yummy warm chai tea latte from starbucks

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