Friday, March 29, 2013

My day off

This Friday was a holiday for us, and the weather was fantastic, we got a lot done. We enjoyed Thursday evening together, and then Friday was spent getting things checked of our to do lists.

Thursday after work, the sun was still shining and the temperature was nice, we spent some time in the yard with Guido.
Friday, my husband's car was getting detailed, to remove all that nasty winter salt and debris from the engine, to occupy our time while we waited for that, I got to do a little birthday shopping, even though it's not until next weekend. My birthday pressies started with the above picture, this one was delivered to my house, and my husband couldn't wait until next weekend to give it me. This is from a cartoon called off the leash that we follow, it's amazing how much the writer seems to understand dogs, he must have been one in a past life. These were a perfect choice for me since my Guido is my little fur baby that I just love to pieces.

Here we have what came of our trip to the shopping mall while the car was cleaned, I got some nice tight skinny black ankle pants, with little zippers on the ends, love them, they fit like a glove, they are from Express, one of my top shopping destinations. The shoes, oh my, these Nike air max shoes are something I've wanted for a very long time, and we happened to see this gorgeous pair on sale! My husband loved them so much he couldn't help but buy them for me. The only problem is now I got all these lovely gifts early so next weekend the only gift I get is the gift of being boss! My husband and I have a birthday tradition, whoever's birthday it is, is always right on the day of their birthday, nothing they do or say is wrong and we are Queen/King for the day. You have to still keep in mind that however evil you are the day of your birthday, the other has the right to be just as evil, so you can't take it too far, haha.

I stopped in Sephora to pick up the Carol's daughter Monoi oil repair deep conditioning mask that I sampled last week, it was that fabulous that I just had to have it, even if it was $29 for the jar.
We made a trip the Christmas Tree Shoppe, don't be fulled by the name, it really has nothing to do with Christmas, I guess it got it's name because maybe when it first opened it was at Christmas time but the merchandise changes with each season, right now they have lots of outdoor decorations for spring. We picked up this adorable birdhouse, can't wait to see what moves in this spring.

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