Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

So it was superbowl weekend, I wasn't too excited for the game just the reason to get together with friends and eat and drink too much. The ravens won, which is fine by me since they have such pretty uniforms. The game was good especially towards the end it became a bit of a nail biter. I used to be a huge american football fan but then I married an Italian and now I'm learning and watching much more soccer than american football.
Friday my husband was stuck at an airport in Atlanta all day and his flight was changed a few times he didn't make it home until 11:00 so we didn't have an eventful Friday evening.
Saturday we had a dinner party with some colleagues that was totally Italian themed, my hubby and I cooked all day but it was a lot of fun since I enjoy cooking and have a new kitchen to do it it.
And like I said before Sunday was superbowl, it was a fairly busy weekend for us, and now it's already over and back to work. Only a few days with the hubby this week and he's back on a plane this time headed for Denver, I'm a bit jealous should be some gorgeous snow there.

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