Monday, February 4, 2013


So here we go another try at my husband's mom's lasagna. This time I took a trip to a specialty food store and got some good quality ingredients.
First the ragu, this is the important part of the dish and is the most time consuming to make. I can't give you an exact recipe because I don't have one. The recipe I received was simply a list of ingredients, I guessed as to how much of each and when to add them and it turned out well. First in your pan you will need some olive oil and butter then you toss in equal parts ground beef and ground pork, then some chopped garlic, onion, celery and carrots. Once that is all browned up you add some white wine and let it evaporate then you add some beef stock concentrate and some tomato sauce then reduce to low, cover, and let it cook for about 3 hours stirring periodically. This stuff is incredible and goes with everything, you can put it on a sandwich, any type of pasta, even eat it alone right out of the pan, yuummmmm!

This is me making bechamel sauce, which is fairly easy but will tire your arm out. You can google a recipe for it simply butter, flour, and milk.
Then we layer it all up pasta, ragu, bechamel, and parmesan

Bake 30 mins covered with foil at 355 and another 30 mins uncovered and you have something pretty close to my mother-in-law's lasagna.

I know I wasn't originally going to give the recipe but technically I didn't, there are  no exact measurements so basically you just have to know how these foods will taste combined so you can put the right quantities, which is how a good cook does it anyway, right? You can also find similar recipes with google so no sense in holding this one back to myself.

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