Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Ipad cover!

So this is part of my anniversary gift, I know my anniversary isn't until the 6th but my husband is super smart because he lets me pick my own presents. I know that I am a difficult person to buy for, the only person that is good at getting me presents is my mom, however I even return or exchange her gifts sometimes. I've always been tough to buy for, but I always say anything designer or with jewels is a safe bet when buying gifts for a girl. I have had my ipad for about a year now and the case I had was starting to fall apart and it was time to replace it, I also wanted something with personality, my old case was just plane black. This fits me, I searched far and wide to find one that worked for me, I love this case it's just beautiful, totally reccomend shopping on the coach outlet site, you do have to sign up but I think you can find it through google.

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