Thursday, February 28, 2013

tomato pesto toast!

I follow the londoner's blog at,, and I got this idea from her today. She made a variety of what she called bruschetta but I'm calling it toast. Today she had a post with goat cheese and honey, pesto and tomatoes, and a smoked salmon and cream cheese on little toasted pieces of bread. Being that I have an italian hubby my fridge was stocked with some cherry tomatoes and pesto and of course I had some bread leftover from the meatball soup dinner. I toasted up the bread under the broiler and mixed together some sliced cherry tomatoes with a spoon or two of pesto, when the bread was toasted I topped it with the mixture and popped it back under the broiler for just a minute to warm up the toppings. I must say this was yummy, thanks to Rosie for the fantastic idea!

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