Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So here is my day in food...kind of.
Started the day with yoplait yogurt with blueberries on the bottom and granola mixed in. I actually do not like yogurt very much, I know it's great for me and my digestion with all it's probiotics and what not just don't like the taste it's kind of sour or tart but this yogurt is fantastic, there is one other that yoplait makes that I like and it's called Fruplait because it's packed full of fruit more than any other yogurt.

Mid morning I had a blueberry special K cereal bar

Lunch I had a hard boiled egg sliced up on some wheat toast with a slice of colby cheese and some naked blue machine juice. I like having the naked juice around for when I run out fruit in the house, the naked juice is nothing but fruits and veggies and lots of it, it's more a smoothie than a juice.
On my way to school I had some red seedless grapes and then picked up my nonfat chai tea latte at starbucks. It snowed yesterday which was odd since it was almost 40 degrees and it's going to be even warmer today so it will all disapear again. They are calling for snow this weekend and I'm really hoping we get a good pile, I have a fantastic Toyota 4 runner and I love driving in the snow, it feels like I'm in a tank surrounded by all the little cars that are stuck in piles of snow on the side of the road.
Also not pictured was a bite from a cliff bar, it was not good one bite and there were crumbs everywhere so it wasn't something I could eat at school and it just kept crumbling to pieces so I had to throw it out.
After school when I got home I got some hunger pangs and had a few baked tortilla chips with some salsa and then a couple of girl scout cookies before going off to bed.

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